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Linda Wells has the utmost integrity and expertise. Her knowledge of the leasing space is unmatched. I know I can trust sending her my clients because they will receive the highest care. She always keeps me in the loop and refers them back to me when they are ready to buy. Linda is easy to work with and is organized and efficient.

Knoxie Edmundson, Allie Beth Allman & Associates

Our home sold very fast in the Fall of 2013, which meant we needed to quickly find a new place to live. This wasn’t easy since it was during the holidays. Linda Wells was so great and found us the perfect home for us. I really appreciate her hard work.

Cayla Woodruff, Linda Wells Real Estate Client

I have lived in Dallas for going on about 8 years now. The first place I lived in was in Ft. Worth and I did not use a locator. Thank God I only signed a 6 month lease because it was an awful experience. I had no knowledge of the area, demographics, management company, etc. All things that someone wanting to be comfortable needs to know.

The second time I leased, I reached out to Linda Wells. She was prompt, thorough and professional and even brought to light aspects to be considered that hadn’t even dawned on me! I have moved 3 times since and have worked with Linda each time; every time finding the process smoother and more efficient/productive. Everyone that I talk to that is planning to lease in the DFW area and surrounding areas, I refer to her and her company. I have heard nothing but “over the top” thanks for the referral.

This is a strong, definite recommendation if you want a problem free move into a perfect fit!

I’m not sure 5 stars are enough!